What our customers say about us

Iris McClorn, Georgia

I did not want to go to Kruger National Park. I love South Africa and this was my 3rd visit but my husband convinced me to give it a try. Now I love everything about Kruger. SaRa and LeRaTo's love and  passion made me feel relaxed and excited at the same time. I will visit again

Woman on safari game drive enjoying clos

Susan Cummings, Melbourne

The best family holiday ever. We cannot stop talking about it. Thank you for your great hospitality, patience and incredible customer service.


Freida Morris, Louisiana

Magnificent Vacation!!! When asked about it the term I use is AWESOME!! Our itinerary was perfect. They are not your typical run on the mill tour guides, they were more like family

great job guys!!


Marquitta Richmond, Atlanta

Absolutely amazing experience!! I can't wait to recommend them to EVERYone I know! They were very thoughtful and attentive to all of our requests. They seems to have a genuine, vested interest in making our dream trip a reality. Hands down the best trip my husband and I have ever taken. We are already planning a new trip to bring all of our family!


Sandesh Stewert, UK


They are simply amazing!!


Sandra Bailey, Georgia

Our tour of Kruger National Park was not our first with them, but each one is unique and thrilling with every turn, and we will keep going back for more of Kruger and other tour packages . I ‘m not able to list our entire itinerary, but I must say the sheer beauty of the canons was a breathtaking “I will never forget” experience. My husband and I are truly thankful for what was an incredible life-changing adventure.